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Crime Of The Century

Crime of the Century ist das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und zugleich der Titel eines Liedes dieser Platte. Im Vergleich zum. Audiophile Pressung. „Crime of the Century“ war das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Band um die beiden Frontmänner Rodger Hodgson und Rick Davies! Crime of the Century ist das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und zugleich der Titel eines Liedes dieser Platte. Im Vergleich zum Vorgängeralbum Indelibly Stamped agierte die neu formierte Band bei dessen Aufnahme.

Crime Of The Century Supertramp: Crime Of The Century (Deluxe Edition)

Crime of the Century ist das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und zugleich der Titel eines Liedes dieser Platte. Im Vergleich zum Vorgängeralbum Indelibly Stamped agierte die neu formierte Band bei dessen Aufnahme. Crime of the Century ist das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und zugleich der Titel eines Liedes dieser Platte. Im Vergleich zum. Supertramp – Crime of the Century jetzt kaufen. Bewertung, Crime of the Century. Rock, Mainstream Pop, POPULAR, Pop. Shop Supertramp / Crime Of The Century. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Shop Crime of the Century. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Audiophile Pressung. „Crime of the Century“ war das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Band um die beiden Frontmänner Rodger Hodgson und Rick Davies! Anmerkungen: Crime of the Century is the third studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in September on A&M Records. Crime of the.

Crime Of The Century

Shop Crime of the Century. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Crime of the Century ist das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Pop-/Rockband Supertramp und zugleich der Titel eines Liedes dieser Platte. Im Vergleich zum Vorgängeralbum Indelibly Stamped agierte die neu formierte Band bei dessen Aufnahme. Audiophile Pressung „Crime of the Century“ war das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Band more. Close menu. Product information "Supertramp - Crime Of​. Die CD Supertramp: Crime Of The Century jetzt probehören und für 7,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Supertramp gibt es im Shop. Die CD Supertramp: Crime Of The Century (Deluxe Edition) jetzt probehören und für 11,99 Euro kaufen. Mehr von Supertramp gibt es im Shop. Audiophile Pressung „Crime of the Century“ war das dritte Studio-Album der britischen Band more. Close menu. Product information "Supertramp - Crime Of​. standen SUPERTRAMP vor der Auflösung. Ein Jahr später veröffentlichten sie „Crime Of The Century“ und wurden eine der größten. Crime Of The Century Crime Of The Century

Hamer, pp. He seems then to have been the ideal candidate to participate in J. The Californian had entered the ice field earlier in the day on April 14, by now only hours ahead of the much faster Titanic and here Lord had ordered her laid-up for the night, drifting with the ice, with her boilers fully-fired and engines on standby.

Meanwhile Lord himself, in much the same vein as his counterpart on the Titanic, Edward J. His final instructions upon retiring for the night were to rouse him immediately in the event of any unusual occurrence.

Hamer pp. At Shut up! There is no doubt that Phillips should have realised the importance and significance of the message from Californian as an ice warning, or at the very least as an important navigational aid.

He certainly should have immediately relayed it to the senior officer on the Bridge, which is clearly what Captain Lord would have expected, as per the pre- arranged agreement.

He guessed that the vessel was around five miles away from Californian and so he then asked Third Officer Groves, to contact the mystery ship with an Aldis lamp, used for flashing Morse code messages, ship to ship, but there was no response whatsoever.

Why would this be? Why were Lord and his crew so obsessed with another ship which did not appear to be in distress and was making no attempt to contact them and indeed ignoring all the signals from Californian?

Are you sure there were no colours in them? This was but the first of several other instances whereby the captain was notified about rockets and each time he asked about their colours.

He was merely waiting for his cue to mobilize, which seems to have been the launching of coloured rockets. The fact that he retired on a small, uncomfortable sofa illustrates that he wanted to be handily situated for whatever emergency would need his immediate attention.

Usually a ship stopped for the night would just keep one boiler fired for essential on-board services, as a fuel-saving and budget-conscious measure.

He was clearly expecting to have to react quickly and get the ship moving at short notice. In fact, an incident did occur that night as we all know, in which Captain Lord and the Californian may well have been expected to fulfil an important role, an event during which, coloured rockets were indeed launched.

Unfortunately, the Californian was drifting in the ice, more than twenty miles away, too far away for any coloured rockets to be observed due to the curvature of the Earth and what it made possible to visualize over the horizon.

The events on board Californian on the night of April 14th and extending into the 15th of are significant for two reasons.

As we know, there was only one unusual event that night that fit the bill and that was taking place around 20 miles to the south of and outside the sight range of the Californian.

The Inquiries would later reveal the identity of the mystery ship. It also turned out that she had been launching a series of small, white-only rockets exactly like the ones seen from the Californian on the night in question.

Indeed, these were extremely likely to be the self-same rockets that Lord Mersey announced at the British Inquiry had been launched from Titanic, while guiding witnesses towards the conclusion he wanted, which had been the plan all along.

In fact, Titanic had launched a total of 22 red, white and blue rockets, exactly what Lord had been primed to expect, which accounted for his inaction when his crew reported only seeing white rockets.

In fact, the captain of the Samson admitted that he had seen several coloured rockets being launched from an unknown ship, but was afraid to respond or investigate or even reveal which he had witnessed because he had been engaged in illegal activities at the time of the event.

He was wary of the consequences of his actions as the presence of Samson in that area at that particular time was no doubt bound to be questioned and investigated by the authorities.

Hamer, p. There was simply nothing it could do because the signal that was supposed to initiate engagement never came.

The reason as stated was that the Titanic was too far out of range for its coloured signal rockets to be seen.

Had he ordered a starboard turn, this would have taken the ship northwards in the direction of Californian and safety instead. The fact that the ship headed south for some considerable distance created a gap of some twenty miles, too far out of range for distress rockets to be visible from the Californian.

Captain Lord was asked in what latitude and longitude he was when he first received the SOS message from the Virginian, and his reply was that he could not give out 'state secrets' and that the question would have to be answered by those in the office.

Boston Globe, April 19, quoted in Hamer, p. David Blair - 19?? His date of death is not listed. What happened to him?

Covert operatives often disappear and are never seen again following the completion of a mission.

He was not available to testify in the inquiry afterwards and yet the evidence would suggest that he is responsible for the binoculars being unavailable for the crew.

He had been with the ship during its trial voyages to test its seaworthiness. This is no excuse and the fact that his actions were never duly investigated points to another cover up.

This mistake is the reason there were no binoculars available for the crew during the voyage. According to other versions, the binoculars were not in the locker, but were left behind in his cabin, or he took them along with him when he left the ship, as they were his personal set of binoculars.

The absence of binoculars being a factor in the sinking of the Titanic became a point of investigation in the subsequent inquiries into the sinking.

As the Jesuit Francis M. In , fourteen years before the Titanic sank, Morgan Robertson, a member of the Jesuit Order otherwise known as the Society of Jesus wrote a fictional book called Fidelity about the largest ocean liner ever built aptly named the Titan.

It was also touted to be unsinkable like the Titanic. And like the Titanic, the Titan was moving too fast in the night, struck an iceberg and sank.

Many perished because the ship had too few lifeboats for a passenger list of 3, The Titan, additionally, matched the Titanic nearly exactly in terms of weight and tonnage.

The extraordinary number of congruencies and correlations rather diminishes the possibility that the fictional Titan and the real-life Titanic are twins by name and fate merely by chance and coincidence.

This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. In this book, Martin Keating lays out a story of terrorists, based in OKC, who decide to bomb a federal building.

Tom McVey. Even more remarkable is the fact that the novel appears to be the script for the real-life event, since the terrorists depicted in The Final Jihad are stopped by an Oklahoma highway patrolman for a broken tail light.

Frank Keating is actually a former higher up in the FBI. His brother, Martin could not get this work published until after the bombing.

Murdoch and Edward J. This was the agent at the personal beck and call of the most powerful Jesuit in Ireland, who in turn reported directly to the Black Pope in Rome, Francis Xavier Wernz.

The man in question was Francis M. Kennedy, would die ritually at the hands of his assassins. Phelps, Vatican Assassins, p.

Orphaned in his teens and raised by his uncle, the Bishop of Cloyne Robert Browne, Francis Browne would enter the Jesuit novitiate in at the age of James Browne.

This is High Noon, the ideal time for an assassination plot to begin, a ritual M. The Vatican Assassins, p. Jesuit Father Francis Browne now begins the second phase of his assignment.

Every room is photographed, every first class person is recorded and many in lower steerages were pictured, all for the benefit of the Black Pope in Rome.

The final eye contact between Captain Smith and the Jesuit agent Browne is a picture that would make a thousand words a paltry sum.

Jesuit Browne boards Titanic, photographs the victims, most assuredly briefs Captain Smith concerning his Oath as a Jesuit, and the following morning bids him farewell.

He takes a snapshot of the somber Captain peering down from the bridge along with two crewmembers probably involved in the plot, perhaps the two lookouts whose binoculars would later go missing.

Some hoped to sell it for scrap metal. A year later, Robert Ballard headed another expedition to photograph and explore the ill- fated liner.

The robot camera that examined the wreck showed a bulkhead absent from the original plans for the Titanic. The stern nameplate with embossed letters eighteen inches high announcing the name of the ship was never found.

They are not alone in their theory and the number of converts to this view is growing by the day.

One strong piece of circumstantial evidence to support the claim is the fact that photographs taken of Titanic at Southampton shortly before her maiden voyage show a large area of discolored plating, as if it had been newly painted with a tincture that did not match the original.

This is strong material evidence that the sunken wreck is that of Olympic. The name is shown on nothing else built into the ship recovered to date.

Morgan personally benefited from the wreck from the standpoint of insurance fraud.. In addition, the lifeboats lacked lanterns and other equipment, which was uncharacteristic of a ship on her maiden voyage.

On the Olympic, the swan neck vent was shorter in profile than that fitted to the Titanic. While this could be explained as a modification, it is odd that the Titanic should depart from Belfast on April 2, , just days before its ill-fated trans-Atlantic voyage, with the same vent appearing lower than the one it had been outfitted with originally.

The question must be asked and it is a provocative one. Hall and Beveridge, p. When the Olympic returned to Belfast following her collision with the Hawke, the lifeboats were all painted brown around the gunwales to match those of the Titanic.

These lifeboats could easily have been painted at any time. It appears that the White Star Line wished to make the lifeboats on both ships appear identical.

When the Olympic left Belfast on March 7, two additional portholes were added to her forecastle within the port side plating, matching those of the Titanic.

The Olympic also now had the same cowl vents as the Titanic forward of the breakwater on the port side.

The ships were now suddenly interchangeable to the casual observer. The window arrangement on B deck was the only notable exception. If the ships had not been switched at that time, then when?

They were never to meet again. If the two ships were switched, when was the widow of opportunity? There was really only one day it could have been orchestrated.

While skeptics might scoff at the conspiracy theory as they often do, it should be remembered that insurance fraud in the shipping industry involving the substation of ships — one ship masquerading for another ship injured or wounded in battle and slated for decommissioning — was common, and largely done because any ship surviving an accident at sea had to be inspected and most did not stand up to inspection.

Such a ship would not be eligible to an insurance payout because, though crippled, it was still on the water and was therefore disqualified in terms of insurance claims.

A most interesting point to bear in mind regarding her maiden voyage is that although the Olympic was the first of the almost identical twin sister ships to be completed and enter service, she was never given the fanfare and publicity of her younger sister Titanic, whose so-called maiden voyage, which as we now know was really a farce, was planned for the following year.

By contrast, the Titanic had a double- page spread and was front page news in several major newspapers. He would then have handed the ship over to Smith, who would have been on board the Olympic in Southampton at the time.

It is conceivable that Captain Smith might have brought the Olympic to Belfast. Haddock might have sailed the disguised Titanic back to Southampton to meet the April 3, departure date, while Smith took charge of the Olympic from Belfast now converted to look like her younger sister ship.

Quite literally, the two captains might have handed the two ships off to one another. The schedule would have been tight and timing of the essence.

Research shows that the Olympic would have been lighted in her journey up the Victoria Channel and the River Lagan by the light of a near full moon.

It is known that the Olympic could only navigate through the narrow opening of the Victoria Channel and then the river Lagan with the assistance of tugs.

So how could the four of five tugs be on hand? The tugs, which had been dispatched from Liverpool, probably arrived the evening before the trial was scheduled to take place.

If this is the case, they could have been on hand to assist the Olympic into Belfast beforehand. The question is where? Could the actual reason for the cancellation have to do with the fact that the ships had already been switched?

This would also have bought the White Star Line time to make additional internal and external changes to the ships to make the switch more foolproof.

It may also be the case that the structurally compromised Olympic could not have held up to two days of extensive sea trials due to her crippled hull.

It should also be noted that the finishing touches to the Titanic were completed by the evening of March 31st. There would have been a small selected crew to make last minute touchups and to provide a skeleton crew for sea trials and the voyage from Belfast to Southampton.

If the ships had been switched before the yard workers had reported back to work on the morning of April 1st, who among the 14,strong workforce would have noticed that a swap had been made?

It also noteworthy that very few people were allowed to visit the Titanic in Southampton. She was not open to public view.

Her paint and funnels were touched up and she was repainted on the port side only while at Southampton. The port side was her best side and was facing the dock.

Why was this done to a new ship? Was this an effort to conceal something before the hordes of passengers arrived on Wednesday April 10th?

It is a rather coincidental date to choose for the rumored swap to take place? To reach the open sea from the Southampton dock, the Olympic had to make the usual S reverse maneuver that led the ship into Spithead.

Eventually the Hawke would bear down on the Titanic and enter the same channel, leaving very little navigation room between them. The Hawke slowly began to overtake the Olympic on the starboard side.

On the Bridge, Captain Smith, who would later captain the Titanic, noted that the Hawke was within striking range. With the Hawke powerless to navigate, a collision was unavoidable.

It was determined that all three standard manganese-bronze propeller blades were damaged irreparably and required replacing. The starboard propeller boss armed plating had been twisted and fractured as well.

The propeller shaft was bent out of alignment and rendered inoperable. Eleven hull plates were damaged above the waterline, eight of which required replacing.

There was a hull breach of 7 feet with a feet hole rising from the waterline to D deck, and a further gash measuring 40 feet wide below the waterline.

The visible damage to the ship looked quite extensive, but the unseen, internal damage was in fact, far worse.

The hull had been penetrated to such an extent as to seriously damage the starboard propeller shaft and completely fracture the engine crankshaft.

In addition, the central turbine engine above the keel, was seriously damaged as well. The Belfast shipbuilders were obviously forced to cannibalize parts from another White Star Ship, and the only one whose propeller matched Olympic closely enough to offer a practicable surrogate was its twin sister, Titanic.

The company was therefore liable to pay all the costs of the repairs to both ships themselves. With the massive financial investment by Morgan into White Star needing to be repaid sooner rather than later, this put severe pressure on the organization and had a detrimental impact on the completion of the sister ship Titanic, further contributing to the financial sink hole White Star found itself floundering in.

An appeal against the decision, by White Star ultimately proved unsuccessful too. After inspection in the dry dock in Belfast, the damage to the Olympic was found to be far more severe than anyone had anticipated.

At this point, White Star management would have realized that Olympic was damaged beyond economic repair. She could probably be made cosmetically seaworthy for a short period, but they would have known with certitude that she would be unable to pass a British Board of Trade inspection, which was obviously required before a new certificate could be issued to allow her to continue in service.

Some researchers believe that the damage was more extensive than the White Star Line let on. Given that the ship had to be emptied of all its cargo, surplus coal, perishable food stores, etc.

The mile run to Belfast was necessary for making further repairs. It showed that hull plating between watertight compartments 2, 3 and 4 may have been compromised.

If this sustained damage had really occurred, why is it not mentioned in any of the reference materials? Such damage would only have been visible when the ship was in dry dock.

In other words, the extent of the damage sustained was so extensive as to point to a mortal wound from which the ship could not recover.

The White Star Line would naturally wish for their flagship to be restored to service as quickly as possible. The longer the ship stayed in dry dock in Belfast, the longer it would divert its technicians and builders from completing the work on the sister ship Titanic.

In addition, the lost revenues from not having the Olympic in service was extremely damaging as were the exorbitant costs of the repairs.

Most likely the channel ribs were merely bent back into position with possible reinforcements. The hull plating was then repaired and the ship put back in the water.

The six and a half week timeline for repairs in Belfast would provide time for such structural repairs. There may have been no alternative to declaring bankruptcy except to hatch some kind of scheme to reclaim the losses.

Given that the Belfast shipyard was Freemason run and given that the White Star Line was Jesuit supported, the two wings of the New World Order could have solved an array of problems by orchestrating such a conspiracy in concert.

In fact, it was an ideal opportunity to accomplish several agendas at once. At the same time, it would allow J. The meeting had been attended by Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip of the Rockefeller financial empire as well as Paul Warburg, representing the Rothschild financial empire of Europe and purportedly a banking agent for the Jesuits.

These men were opposed in their desire to found a banking institution supported by the US government that would limit the growth and influence of smaller banks thus creating a cartel or monopoly by Benjamin Guggenheim, Isador Strauss and John Jacob Astor.

The theory goes that Morgan arranged for these three powerful men to board the doomed liner, seducing them on board with the prestige, glamour and invincibility of the ship and the promise that they would be rubbing shoulders with the global elite.

The vanity factor and the need to be seen made it a virtual public relations necessity for the global elite. Meanwhile, Captain Smith, the Jesuit tempore coadjutor, a Jesuit of the short robe, is believed by some conspiracy theorists to be complicit in the sinking.

Under the pretext of wishing to set a crossing record, he would run the ship full speed into a North Atlantic ice field despite receiving multiple warnings about such dangers.

However, it is only a theory that the iceberg caused the structural damage that sunk the ship just as it is only a U. If that were true, then what caused The Solomon Brothers Building a.

Building Number Seven to collapse? The iceberg was merely implicated as probable cause, when the ship may have been so structurally compromised from previous collisions that an iceberg was all that was required to finish the job.

There are additional allegations that the ship may have been sabotaged by a coal dust explosion within the boiler room.

This explosion is said to have blown a hole in the hull below the waterline. The testimony related to a coal bunker fire on board is indisputable based on the widespread witness testimony.

What is questionable is the rumored coal dust explosion that occurred as a result. Coal bunker fires were not unusual on board coal-fired ocean-going vessels.

Nor was it unusual to flag a ship off with a coal bunker fire not yet fully contained. The reason for this is that the fire can be easily contained within the bulkheads of the coal bunker.

Furthermore, water is continually sprayed over the top of the coal pile while the burned material is raked out. This continual wetting would have prevented the buildup of any coal dust in the vicinity.

The idea may have been to make it look like the iceberg administered the fatal blow, when in fact sabotage may have been initiated long before the ship even left port in Southampton.

There were a number of incidents that blighted his service record of which the public has been made unaware.

Commanding the Republic, he ran aground off Sandy Hook at the entrance to New York Harbor causing a furnace flue above one of the boilers to fracture, killing three crewmen and injuring seven others.

In command of the Germanic, the ship capsized in New York Harbour due to excess ice build-up on the rigging and superstructure.

As an experienced captain, Smith should have foreseen this. December In command of the Coptic, he ran it aground off Rio de Janeiro sustaining minor damage.

In command of the Majestic, a fire started in a linen closet while en route to New York. The fire was at first thought to have been successfully extinguished, but re-kindled a few hours later, killing several crew members.

Smith later denied any knowledge of the incident. In command of the Baltic, a fire broke out while it was docked in Liverpool.

In command of the Adriatic, Smith ran the ship aground at the entrance to New York harbor. In command of the Olympic, Smith wrecked the Tugboat O.

L Hallenbeck in New York harbor on her maiden voyage. Both ships were severely damaged. In the case of Olympic, I believe irreparably.

Yet again in command of the Olympic, Smith ran over a clearly charted sunken wreck when leaving New York losing a propeller blade and causing Olympic to sustain unknown and unrecorded damage to her bottom and further serious vibrational damage to the already frail, patched-up vessel, on the home voyage.

In command of Titanic, on her maiden voyage leaving Southampton docks, the Titanic nearly collided with the liner New York.

Only quick action by a tugboat captain saved the situation. The two ships missed each other by a matter of a few feet only.

In command of the Titanic, which supposedly hit an iceberg and sank with the loss of 1, lives? As the senior most Captain, he was given the honour of being made Captain of all their latest, state-of-the- art liners, trying them out as they came off the production line like a libertine might try out a string of virgins.

It is absolutely certain that Smith and the other senior officers must have been complicit in the plot. The rule has been almost invariable among steamship companies to dispense with the services of officers in command of vessels that have met with disaster.

One reason for this is the insistence of the insurance companies. Lloyds keeps in its London office, the records of all marine officers so that when a man is put in command of a vessel his whole career can be immediately inspected.

Boston Post, 16 April quoted in Hamer, p. In both cases, agents of the New World Order were involved and in both cases these Satanists would roll ritual, mass murder, assassination and insurance fraud all into one.

For those wishing to laugh at the absurdity of this claim, it would be advisable for them to re-examine their own powers of judgment if they believe that an iceberg was the true culprit in this massacre of innocent men, women and children?

Is the level of naivety so great as to believe that a barely felt bump against an iceberg was sufficient to bring down a Leviathan built solidly enough to be an icebreaker?

By analogy, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were said to be built to withstand the impact of a passenger airliner. Since invincibility was the key component in the engineering of both giants, how is it that they were both taken down and totally destroyed by assaults that should have been no more compromising than a mosquito sting?

It is obvious to say the least that Mr. Silverstein did rather well for himself, getting away with murder in more ways than one.

Why was the Titanic replaced by the Olympic? To answer that is tantamount to taking the red pill to find out just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

A student of history should be aware of how many times doubles and lookalikes have been employed in intelligence operations down through the ages.

The Illuminati appear to be obsessed with the deployment of lookalikes or doppelganger in the operations undertaken by the intelligence services they control worldwide.

Just to give a brief catalogue of examples, William Shakespeare had a double named Will Shakspere from the town of Stratford. The helmet referred to in the title of the order is the helmet of Pallas Athena, which rendered her invisible whenever she drew the visor down over her face.

A former U. What this work reveals is that a series of coded ciphers were inserted in the plays that reveal the true authorship as well as the nature of the covert operation to conceal the author during his lifetime as part of an elaborate intelligence operation.

In these coded insertions, we learn that Christopher Marlow was the first front man to pose as William Shakespeare, but that after he died in a tavern brawl, he was replaced by the other Shakespearean front man, Will Shakspere, a cousin of the true author Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, through the Arden family.

Edward de Vere, the Earl of Oxford, who sat for his self-portrait at the age of 36 bears a striking resemblance to the man dubbed William Shakespeare, featured in the famous portrait by John Taylor.

My website www. Will Shakspere, as it turns out, was functionally illiterate and could not even affix his own signature to a document.

The surviving signatures show a man unfamiliar with a pen, whose hand appears to have been guided by another. The comedy of errors concerning the wrongful identity of the author has lasted years.

The M. The Illuminati seem obsessed with the M. We now know that Churchill had a lookalike double, who made a striking appearance during the London blitzkrieg, sporting a cigar.

He also deployed a BBC radio actor as a sound alike double to play him on the air in the famous wartime addresses that he never gave.

It is alleged that Hitler died there in , the year of Harmonic Convergence. The actual true date of the start of the New Millennium is said to be that same year, August 18th to be exact, as our Earth calendars are way out of sync with cosmic time.

Timothy McVeigh is known to have had a lookalike double on the Alcohol Tobacco and Firearm Bureau, which has been implicated by Jim Keith and others as playing a central role in the bombing, which explains why several members of the bureau with offices in the Murrah Building were told not to go into work the day of the bombing.

This might account for how McVeigh would appear to implicate himself by making such absurd gaffs as asking directions to the Alfred P. Murrah Building, the very morning he supposedly intended to bomb it.

There are even researchers that allege that the Rothschild agent and 33 Degree Freemason, John Wilkes Boothe, actually survived the fire in the barn after being ostensibly cornered in the manhunt simply because it was not him but a lookalike double who would die in his stead.

Joseph Mengele, the Angel of Death, researchers have shown was active after the war in both the United States and Canada, and even ran a branch of his sick trauma- based mind control operations out of Memorial College at McGill University, which involved placing Native children in electric chairs to measure their reactions to trauma.

A mass grave of these victims exists very close to the location where these experiments were carried out. Mengele was obsessed with replacements and lookalike doubles.

The concept of the doppelganger was sacrosanct to his demented Luciferian religious mindset. There is good reason for this.

In fact, there is a spiritual reason for it that we are about to learn. Mengele is known to be an Illuminati agent.

He was Luciferian to the core. By your works you will be known, and he is known to the extent that his reputation precedes him.

Rumors abound that Paul McCartney was murdered and replaced and that an elaborate plot involving British and Canadian intelligence contrived to replace McCartney with a lookalike and sound alike double, which was accomplished by expert plastic surgeons working for the intelligence services.

Mengele would have derived sadistic delight from putting this one over on the British and world public. As with the Shakespeare plays, the artistic vanity of John Lennon would compel him to insert codes and ciphers relating to the truth about Paul on album covers and within the music.

The White Album is for all intents and purposes the white paper on the case. It should not be forgotten that The Beatles were knighted, so it raises profound questions about why Sir Paul would receive a second knighthood later in his career.

Is there a cause under heaven for why a citizen of the realm should be twice dubbed Sir Knight? A little known fact of history is that the Titanic also had a twin.

Its sister ship, the Olympic, was made to be an exact replica of the Titanic. Both White Star Line ships are believed to have been lost to the sea.

Theories abound that suggest the shipping tragedies were no accident and that there are several reasons for suspecting mass murder and crimes against humanity.

For a start, the so-called Titanic perished on her maiden voyage, which is suspicious in itself. Some researchers believe she was taking on water before she even left port.

Lord Astor was on board and he was known to be a strong voice of resistance in Congress to the Aldrich Bill to create the Federal Reserve Bank.

There is also the suspicion that the Titanic disaster was a test run for the depopulation program to come. The Third Class passengers by analogy correspond with the Third World and we know that they were in lockdown and were not permitted to reach the deck of the ship after she floundered and began to sink.

The passengers of Second Class would correspond with the second class citizens of planet Earth or the Second World, which seems never to get a mention in the popular media.

We only ever hear about the Third World and the First World. It was the First Class passengers who got the priority when the ship was being abandoned.

They correspond with the First World and represented the global elite in the test run for world depopulation on board the doomed ocean liner.

And now we come to those other infamous twins, the World Trade Center Twin Towers, located probably not by coincidence at the intersection of Liberty and Trinity right next to Church St.

It is a timely juncture in the article to mention this as this leads to the why and the wherefore of all the ritual. This is spiritual warfare by the Illuminati and their occult signature points to a demonic agenda to wage war against the Judeo- Christian and Muslim worlds and the spiritual faith of humanity as a whole.

This is the end times and they chose their various Luciferian MOs carefully and with great purpose and intent. The fact that they came crashing down on September 11, has added significance, since the number eleven is composed of the numerical twinning of two 1s.

The fact that the World Trade Center Twin Towers stand at the entry point to the New York financial district testifies to the fact that the entire financial district of New York is regarded as a Masonic Temple in its own right to the elite bankers who had them built.

Their destruction on September eleventh in symbolic form could not send a more powerful spiritual message to the world. It was an act of spiritual warfare against all that is considered sacred in this world.

Why are the Illuminati so obsessed with twins, lookalikes, doubles, mirrored images and congruency? A little known fact of history is that Jesus had a twin.

Due to a contractual agreement, all the songs are credited jointly to the two writers, but some of the songs were written individually. Scott commented that Davies and Hodgson "were very, very different personalities.

Those differing personalities made the music sound the way it did. Hodgson remarked of "Hide in Your Shell": "I was 23 when I wrote that song, confused about life and like a lot of people are at that age, trying to hide my insecurities.

At that time he recorded a demo of the song using vocals, Wurlitzer, and banging cardboard boxes for percussion. Hodgson recalled: "I was excited — it was the first time I laid hands on a Wurlitzer.

The album was named after the final song, "Crime of the Century", which the band members felt was the strongest song on the album.

That song really came together when we were living together at Southcombe Farm, Thorncombe, and just eating, sleeping, and breathing the ideas for the album.

The song just bounced between Rick and I for so many weeks before it finally took form. Hodgson describes "School" as "my song basically" but admits that Davies wrote both the piano solo and a good deal of the lyrics.

I mean, you know, school is a wonderful place. Obviously, it's a school playground but that scream does represent a lot more.

On the In the Studio with Redbeard episode devoted to the album, Hodgson stated that "Rudy" was the character on the album and was seen as somewhat autobiographical of Davies' life at the time.

Hodgson and Davies both stated that communication within the group was at a peak during the recording of this album, while drummer Siebenberg stated that he thought it was this album on which the band hit its "artistic peak".

Crime of the Century deals loosely with themes of loneliness and mental stability, but is not a concept album. The photograph for the cover was Paul Wakefield's first album work.

With the album title already chosen, Wakefield started asking himself "what an appropriate sentence could be for 'the crime of the century'" and combined it with a line from the song "Asylum": "when they haunt me and taunt me in my cage.

It felt like there would be no reprieve. Through multiple exposure , Wakefield shot 12 pictures on transparency film , which he then combined with a back-lit starscape, that was actually a black card sheet filled with holes in a darkened studio.

Half of the resulting pictures had the expected result. The back cover photograph, featuring band members in their underwear holding dress suits and top hats , was originally made when the album cover was meant to be a gatefold.

Crime of the Century was Supertramp's first U. Top 40 album and was eventually certified Gold in the U. The album also marked the commercial breakthrough for the band in the United Kingdom; Crime of the Century peaked at number four in the album chart in March , and " Dreamer " reached number thirteen on the singles chart in the same month.

In , Crime of the Century was ranked th in The World Critic Lists , which recognised the greatest albums of all time as voted for by notable rock critics and DJs.

Yes without pianistics and meter shifts. Many of the songs on the album remained staples of the band's shows well into the 21st century "School", " Bloody Well Right ", "Rudy", and the title song.

Almost all of the album appears on the band's live album Paris although the tracks that feature orchestrations on the studio versions "Asylum", "Rudy", and "Crime of the Century" were replaced by string synthesisers or Oberheim synthesisers, which were played mainly by Helliwell with some help from Hodgson.

Both remasters are heavily criticised by audiophiles who claim they were mastered "too loud" as part of the " loudness war " mastering trend.

The edition is not quite as loud but still has much of the same effect. It was announced in October that the album, remastered by Ray Staff , would be reissued in CD, digital download, and g vinyl formats on 9 December Two 10x8 prints and a longer version of the essay were announced as exclusives of the vinyl version.

All tracks are written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson , except where noted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Supertramp brought progressive rock's sophisticated arrangements and conceptual lyrics into a pop context.

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Metacritic Reviews. Hall and Beveridge, p. This manuscript, now a published book, is titled The Final Jihad. Christopher the detective and his team have just Vampire Diaries Staffel 6 Deutsch at this palace to investigate one of the most daring heists in decades. US Billboard [38]. What this work reveals is that a series of coded ciphers were inserted in the plays that reveal the true authorship as Komedie as the nature of the covert Ferienheim Bergkristall to conceal the author during his lifetime as part of an elaborate intelligence operation. A very ugly The Interview Film that, as Hauptmann himself said in one of his final letters, will never go away. He seems then to have been the ideal candidate to participate in J. Jay Acovone Her length was feet, breadth 40 feet, and depth 31 feet.

All movies I've seen. HBO Orginal Productions. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Nominated for 4 Golden Globes.

Another 8 nominations. Photos Add Image. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Stephen Rea Bruno Richard Hauptmann Isabella Rossellini Anna Hauptmann J.

Norman Schwarzkopf Michael Moriarty Governor Harold Hoffman Allen Garfield James Finn John Harkins Edward Reilly Barry Primus Ellis Parker David Paymer David Wilentz Bert Remsen John Condon Don Harvey Gus Kramer Gerald S.

Commissioner ORyan Stefan Gierasch Albert Osborn Sr. Jay Acovone Wallace Vyto Ruginis Lloyd Fisher Scott N. Edit Storyline In , the nation was shocked when the month-old son of Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped, held for ransom, and murdered.

Taglines: The most famous kidnapping in history claimed more than one victim. Edit Did You Know? Trivia The character, Col.

Norman Schwarzkopf played here by J. Walsh , was the father of Norman Schwarzkopf of Desert Storm fame. Two years later, Bruno Richard Hauptmann was arrested, convicted, and executed.

This film dramatizes the investigation against Hauptmann, the trial, and the execution, painting a picture of a corrupt police force under pressure to finger a killer framing an innocent man by manufacturing evidence, paying-off and blackmailing witnesses, and covering up exculpatory evidence.

If you're a justice freak like me, you'll find the film difficult to watch because the subject matter is inherently upsetting, but you'll also be glad that it's being told at all.

There have been various theories about the real killer of the Lindbergh baby, the most compelling of which is the theory that Lindbergh himself did it accidentally and was able to engineer the high-level cover-up that ended in Hauptmann's execution.

This movie doesn't go there, but I recognized many of the passages in this movie, especially the court scenes, as being taken directly from facts and court transcripts.

As usual with HBO movies, the production level and performances are excellent. Stephen Rea Hauptmann is very moving as he somewhat naively maintains to the bitter end his faith that our legal system, which is so blatantly railroading him to a death sentence, will eventually come to its senses.

Isabella Rossellini captured the devotion and dignity of Anna Hauptmann, whom I met in the s when she was being interviewed for a magazine.

Scenes of the powers-that-be finagling their conviction were effectively banal, and nauseating, and the final execution scene conveys the unreal horror Hauptmann himself must have experienced -- his speechlessness when they ask him for a statement as he's being strapped into the electric chair says it all, and it's devastating.

To tell the truth, I would have given this film high marks simply for telling this story, but it was so well done that it deserves the high marks anyway.

I was slightly disappointed that the ending didn't show more about Anna Hauptmann's incredible year effort to clear her husband's name, an untold story.

However, Rea and Rossellini were so good that I kept watching. A very ugly story that, as Hauptmann himself said in one of his final letters, will never go away.

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Crime Of The Century We have other games that don't require Flash. Here's a few of them. Video

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